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30 Years

For Over 30 Years, Rick Wemmers Has Helped Banks Grow Revenue with Proven Business Development Tactics

Bank Marketing Pros provides proven ideas and action plans on how to build deposits, profits, market share and invigorate the sales culture for banking clients both large and small. As a Senior Partner of the firm, Rick Wemmers has a deep understanding of the requirements for successful business development and rapid growth of revenue. He communicates his knowledge with passion and clarity through speaking engagements, training sessions, and one-on-one consulting services.

He coaches banking professionals how to build and maintain a stronger, more successful selling sense and develop a customized business development strategy.

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“We hired Rick Wemmers to teach our new employees ways to be more confident, want to sell, to take initiative in selling and to improve their sales skills. Rick's approach was customized for our bank. He was able to address the issues that were relevant to our bank and was incredibly knowledgeable about our bank and the techniques he preached. We certainly learned how to become better, more efficient and caring sales representatives. The enhanced sales results show his ways work!”
T. Marantz, CEO, Bank of Springfield

“Rick Wemmers presentation to my Board was thought provoking, humorous and useful. He lead a dialogue identifying what they were doing right and wrong in soliciting business for the bank. The rest of the morning was spent with the bank’s officers and customer contact personnel. Once again, his remarks were well prepared and presented. They included fresh suggestions on how to identify prospects, schedule an appointment, present solutions and products as well as close the sale.”
L. Roberts, CEO, Fidelity Bank of Florida

Guaranteed Profit on Our Training Cost – Money Back If We Don't

For our 90-day sales training/revenue improvement program we guarantee your bank will make more new income than our fee or we return money. Do know of any bank training program that makes this offer?

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Rick Wemmers

About Rick Wemmers

Rick is a 30-year business development veteran and nationally recognized expert at helping banks capture new opportunities for sales and profits. He is a speaker, author and consultant.

In addition to completing three professional speaker’s training schools and being a member of the prestigious National Speakers Association, he has given more than 3,000 speeches and presentations. He works with banks of all sizes and has helped drive success with corporations across 50 different industries. More »

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