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Rick Wemmers

Rick has more than 30 years of successful business development experience, with more than 20 years of business development experience with large and small banks.


Expert in Rapid Business Development tactics including: market/customer research, sales training, marketing, strategic planning, sales motivation.

Guaranteed Profit on Our Training Cost – Money Back If We Don't

For our 90-day sales training/revenue improvement program we guarantee your bank will make more new income than our fee or we return money. Do know of any bank training program that makes this offer?

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Past Clients Include:


Author of Silver Bullets for Quick Revenue Growth: a book for business executives and small business owners who want a big jump in their revenues and income – quickly. They are ready to take a bold step to win big! People like YOU! More Info »

ABA Marketing article “Online Marketing: The Search for ROI”: A major culture change is required for most community banks when it comes to selling. Bankers have long had the mind-set that banking is a business built when prospects come to the institution and request the service they want. Unfortunately the consumer has developed a slightly different mind-set”. Read full article »

A Unique Take on Bank Business Development

Bank Marketing Pros’ philosophy is that banks for many decades have not had to work very hard to gather new customers or income. While the national economy was booming, so was banking. That has dramatically changed in the past 10 years; ergo banks must change or suffer the negative consequences.

The first 20 years of Bank Marketing Pros’ business development experience consisted of crafting clever marketing messages to grow bank businesses.

As banks began experiencing big changes, Bank Marketing Pros began implementing different service programs:

  • Proactive Officer Call Sales Program including teaching calling officers how to sell, take customers from major competitors and promote more profitable products.

  • Transitioning previous mass marketing techniques to more effective target marketing techniques. Bank Marketing Pros shows banks how to identify and focus on high-quality prospects and services.

  • Management Skills Improvement to teach bank managers how to effectively supervise and motivate employees. Bank Marketing Pros provides detailed insights to individual employee management behavior patterns, skills, leadership quality and future leadership potential. Also available are group and individual training sessions to help accentuate an employee’s strengths and minimize an employee’s weaknesses.

Professional Memberships – Past & Present

The American Management Association (Top Rated Instructor),The National Speakers Association (Certified Speaking Professional), Atlanta Ad Club (President), Southeastern Software Association (Board for 5 Years), TEC (member and speaker), The Public Relations Society of America, Independent Community Bankers Association.

30 Years

For Over 30 Years, Rick Wemmers Has Helped Banks Grow Revenue with Proven Business Development Tactics


“Rick is a person you want to bring in to challenge your thinking. When you think you have all the answers, Rick can often offer some additional ones to drive your thinking to the next level.”
Chuck R., Founder, 21 Associates & SaleSSuiteS

“Rick is a leading expert in business development for commercial banks, and other business organizations. He has a deep understanding of the requirements for successful business development and rapid growth of revenue and is able to communicate his knowledge with passion and clarity. He is a motivational speaker who inspires others to want to achieve greater success and is a practical problem solver who helps managers develop revenue growth solutions that work.”
Mike S., President, Stewart & Stewart, Inc.

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