Silver Bullets for Quick Revenue Growth

Silver Bullets for Quick Revenue Growth is a book for business executives and small business owners who want a big jump in their revenues and income – quickly. They are ready to take a bold step to win big! People like YOU!

Over the past 30 years, Rick Wemmers has gathered unique breadth and depth of frontline business experiences, working with clients in over 50 different industries. He shares how this has helped him create a unique and proven process for quickly jumping virtually any organization’s revenues and income. His process made Windows Unistaller a household word, and even motivated patients to choose a certain hospital.

There are lots of insights in this book on how to find seldom-used idea-generating aides; how to put your mind in a full throttle creative mode; how to leverage others to do your work – for FREE; how to create relevant advertising messages; how to organize your action plan to achieve the unusual sales growth you desire.

Rick’s Silver Bullet Process has worked to deliver amazing results for a variety of challenges. He shares the thoughts and actions behind many case histories on how the surprising results were achieved. And he shows how great results can be achieved without having large financial resources to call on. Silver Bullets will give you the self-confidence to seek the kind of results you may now believe are impossible.

What People Say about Rick’s Advice:

  • "Your personal advice and counsel for our start-up activities were invaluable."
    Richard Steele, CEO, QuadBase Software

  • "Your team helped us launch our most successful new product."
    Gordon Haight, CEO, Tombow Office Products

  • "You tackled our two biggest negatives and turned both into great positives. You went way beyond expectations."
    Paul Hansil, President, Crawford Communications

  • "I learned more about common-sense marketing in a few minutes with you than I have in months reading related articles by so-called experts."
    C. E. Carter, CEO, Charter Pub

30 Years

For Over 30 Years, Rick Wemmers Has Helped Banks Grow Revenue with Proven Business Development Tactics


“Rick Wemmers has been a rich resource for me over the years. He's a brilliant sales strategist who isn't afraid to practice what he preaches. He doesn't just talk about cold calling, he does it. He doesn't just talk about the value of visibility, he writes books. He doesn't just talk about consistency and integrity, he lives it. I call Rick when I need new ways to look at old problems, and you should, too.”
Paul J., General Manager, Shortcuts to Results LLC

“I was fortunate to be introduced to Rick Wemmers many years ago. Rick is a brilliant strategist and sales consultant. I have learned a great deal from Rick these past 15 years and I find his advice invaluable. I highly recommend Rick for key note speeches, seminars, or consulting in the business growth and sales area. He is a master and a fun person to be around to boot.”
Ricky Steele

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Rick Wemmers

About Rick Wemmers

Rick is a 30-year business development veteran and nationally recognized expert at helping banks capture new opportunities for sales and profits. He is a speaker, author and consultant.

In addition to completing three professional speaker’s training schools and being a member of the prestigious National Speakers Association, he has given more than 3,000 speeches and presentations. He works with banks of all sizes and has helped drive success with corporations across 50 different industries. More »

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