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Bank Marketing Pros has helped grow business for many bank clients over the past 30 years. Here are some highlights from past clients.

Rivoli Bank & Trust

Macon, GA
What We Did: We helped launch this new bank which is in a rural part of Georgia, well off the beaten path. Our opening ceremonies included:

  • Putting a 40 ft. inflated gorilla on the bank roof
  • Giving away cold watermelon, food, drink on opening day.
    • Over 400 people attended in 100 degree heat
  • Direct mail to targeted homes.

Results: Bank took in over $6 million in new deposits in 6 weeks.
Client quote: “You delivered on your promise to do ‘something different' and you brought people into our bank.” -President

Citizens Community Bank

South Hill, VA
What We Did: We trained 10 calling officers with our proven sales technique and conducted a 90-days sales campaign immediately afterwards.
Results: Bank took in new business that exceeded our fees by 5:1.

  • $9 million in new loans plus new DDA, LOC and other services

Client quote: “We consider your sales raining as very successful. We look forward to using your firm again.” -Chairman of the Board

Farmers & Merchants Trust Company

Chambersburg, PA
What We Did: We have given Officer Call Sales training to this bank for the past 6 years in addition to a coaching skills workshop for key managers.
Results: Officer Call programs have yielded ROI between 35:1 and 5:1. New income achievements range between $29 million to $5 million in 60 days. The Coaching Workshop was hailed by participants to the CEO as being the best training they have ever had from the bank.

Bank of Springfield

Springfield, IL
What We Did: A customized Sales Culture Workshop to teach new (and some old) employees how to be more confident, to take initiative, to improve their sales skills.
Results: “Rick gave us ideas on how to become better, more efficient and caring. The enhanced sales show that his ways work.”
Client quote: “He was incredibly knowledgeable about our bank and the sales techniques he taught.” CEO

Citizens First Bank

Bowling Green, KY
What We Did: We held an Officer Call Sales Workshop and a Board of Directors Training Session
Results: Success on two fronts: 

  • Calling Officers took in over $3 million in new business in 60 days
  • Board of Directors significantly increased their participation and value to the bank’s growth.

Client quote: “Thank you for the training and results that have materialized. We will likely be contacting you in the near future for more training.” -Board Chairman

Community Bank & Trust

Ocala, FL
What We Did: Conducted a joint sales culture and negotiating skills workshop.
Results: Calling levels and an increase in more profitable deals became quickly evident.
Client quote: “We are committed to move forward with your suggested behavior changes. We believe we will be the world class bank we strive for, thanks to your ideas and teachings.”  -EVP

30 Years

For Over 30 Years, Rick Wemmers Has Helped Banks Grow Revenue with Proven Business Development Tactics


“Rick is a person you want to bring in to challenge your thinking. When you think you have all the answers, Rick can often offer some additional ones to drive your thinking to the next level.”
Chuck R., Founder, 21 Associates & SaleSSuiteS

“Rick is a leading expert in business development for commercial banks, and other business organizations. He has a deep understanding of the requirements for successful business development and rapid growth of revenue and is able to communicate his knowledge with passion and clarity. He is a motivational speaker who inspires others to want to achieve greater success and is a practical problem solver who helps managers develop revenue growth solutions that work.”
Mike S., President, Stewart & Stewart, Inc.

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Rick Wemmers

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Rick is a 30-year business development veteran and nationally recognized expert at helping banks capture new opportunities for sales and profits. He is a speaker, author and consultant.

In addition to completing three professional speaker’s training schools and being a member of the prestigious National Speakers Association, he has given more than 3,000 speeches and presentations. He works with banks of all sizes and has helped drive success with corporations across 50 different industries. More »

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