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Officer Sales Call Training

Teaches bankers effective selling strategies:

  • Make cold calls
  • Sell more to current customers
  • Overcome personal rejection
  • Develop referral networks
  • Gain ‘insider’ information
  • Overcome prospect objections
  • Recognize when to ask for the order

Bank Sales Culture Builder

  • Custom designed to individual bank situations.
  • Gives proven building blocks to get everyone selling.
  • Incentive programs.


  • Tracking programs - get 30-to-1 ROI!
  • Leadership tips, guidelines.
  • Coaching ideas.
  • Employee assessments - identify your "hunters."

Call Reluctance Cure Workshop

  • Major banks are using and winning with this unique sales training.
  • Tackles and beats biggest obstacles to bank growth.
  • Identifies and cures cold calling problems.
  • 30 years of proven results with sales teams in many industries.

Custom-Designed Training

  • We use our experience with many banks to help management better leverage their current staff and overcome growth problems.
  • We can build programs which work quickly, are easily measured and bring in substantial incremental business.


For the past 30 years Rick has spoken at numerous gatherings of bank presidents and top level executives across the country regarding ways to improve income and profits. Speaking at bank association meetings enables us to get our messages out quicker and in a more convincing manner. It also allows us to hear more clearly what is needed by our target audiences and how we can best serve them.

Sample Presentations:

  • #1 – The New 2015 Rules for Profitable Bank Marketing
    • Out with old thinking; adapt to new normal.
    • Sell unique value as prospect and customer sees it.
    • Adjust your culture for new ways to win growth.
    • Target quality prospect... not just anyone.
    • Social media — where does it really fit?
  • #2 - Achieving a Strong Competitive Edge in Today’s Market
    • Better leverage Board and customers to win more.
    • Focus on competitor weaknesses.
    • Are those selling your ‘customer service’ really your best examples?
  • #3 - Kick Bad Players Off Your Bus Before It’s Too Late
    • Identifying and separating the bad from the good.
    • The reason why your employee efficiency is way down.
    • Moving square people to square holes from round holes.
    • What are employees really saying to customers/prospects
  • #4 - Motivating Fewer Employees to Make More Profit
    • Easily and quickly ‘rank and rate’ your workforce in terms of leadership.
    • Tweak your culture to better fit today’s challenges.
    • Empowering employee task forces for greatness.
    • Cross-training and customer retention a new way.
    • Carrots and clubs.

30 Years

For Over 30 Years, Rick Wemmers Has Helped Banks Grow Revenue with Proven Business Development Tactics


“Rick Wemmers has been a rich resource for me over the years. He's a brilliant sales strategist who isn't afraid to practice what he preaches. He doesn't just talk about cold calling, he does it. He doesn't just talk about the value of visibility, he writes books. He doesn't just talk about consistency and integrity, he lives it. I call Rick when I need new ways to look at old problems, and you should, too.”
Paul J., General Manager, Shortcuts to Results LLC

“I was fortunate to be introduced to Rick Wemmers many years ago. Rick is a brilliant strategist and sales consultant. I have learned a great deal from Rick these past 15 years and I find his advice invaluable. I highly recommend Rick for key note speeches, seminars, or consulting in the business growth and sales area. He is a master and a fun person to be around to boot.”
Ricky Steele

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Rick Wemmers

About Rick Wemmers

Rick is a 30-year business development veteran and nationally recognized expert at helping banks capture new opportunities for sales and profits. He is a speaker, author and consultant.

In addition to completing three professional speaker’s training schools and being a member of the prestigious National Speakers Association, he has given more than 3,000 speeches and presentations. He works with banks of all sizes and has helped drive success with corporations across 50 different industries. More »

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